Calling all future hockey stars! 🦁🎉

Join the Lion Cubs Junior Inline Hockey Training Sessions and get ready for a wild ride on wheels! Here’s what awaits you:

  1. High-Fives and Helmet Bumps: Picture this – as you glide across the rink, your teammates greet you with enthusiastic high-fives and helmet bumps. It’s like a secret handshake, but cooler! 🤜🤛
  2. Epic Drills: Brace yourselves! Our drills are no ordinary circles – they’re like tornadoes of fun. You’ll spin faster than a hockey puck, twirling with joy and determination. 🌀🏒
  3. Laughter and Team Spirit: We believe in giggles, camaraderie, and a dash of silliness. Whether you’re chasing the puck or racing your friends, there’ll be laughter echoing through the rink. And who knows, a few friendly roars might escape too! 🤣🦁
  4. Beginner-Friendly Zone: New to hockey? No worries! Our coaches are pros at teaching from scratch. They’ll guide you through every move, from lacing up your skates to perfecting that slapshot. 🎵
  5. Equipment Galore: Forgot your gear? Fear not! We’ve got you covered. Helmets, pads, sticks – we’ve got the whole kit and caboodle. Just bring your enthusiasm, and we’ll handle the rest. 🛡️🏑
  6. Free Trial: Your first two sessions are on the house! Why? Because we’re convinced you’ll be hooked. After that, it’s a steal – just £20 a month or £8 per session. Trust us, it’s an investment in smiles and memories. 😊
  7. Contact Us: For more info, shoot us an email at We’re friendly – promise! 📧

So lace up those skates, channel your inner lion, and let’s roll into a world of hockey magic! 🦁🏒🔥

What a weekend it was for our Lion Cubs and Senior Lions! 

🦁✨ Our Under 8s showed incredible spirit, playing 4 games at the BRHA West Rink. Each match was a chance to grow, and our Cubs seized it with paws and claws! 🐾

Our Senior Lions roared through 3 challenging games. Despite a tough schedule and being short-handed, they displayed true teamwork and resilience. The highlight was a thrilling 4-4 draw against T-Wrex, where we led valiantly and showed our strength. 🏒

Special shoutout to our youngest keeper, just 6 years old, who played spectacularly, and to Ellis 40 for scoring his first goal to Millie on getting her 1st assist. You’re the pride of our pride! 🌟

We’re already buzzing with excitement to enter our own team in the league next session. The future looks bright with such talent and enthusiasm in our ranks. 🌈

Sunday’s games were a testament to our determination. Even against the odds, our Lions fought hard. We may have faced setbacks, but each game was a lesson learned and a step towards greater success. 💪

We’re setting our sights on the top 2 of the B West league, and with the grit we’ve shown, we’re ready for the challenge. Our young stars Alfie, Oliver, and Callum have shone brightly in the Senior games, proving they have what it takes to compete at the highest level. 🌟

A huge thank you to all the Parents and Players for your unwavering support. It’s your energy that fuels our passion and makes every game day a memorable one. Here’s to more fun, goals, and victories ahead! 🎉

If you would like to Join one of our Lion Cubs, Wild Lions or Senior Lions sessions then drop us a DM or email to

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🦁🌟 Calling all young adventurers! 🌟🦁

Are you ready to step onto the rink, feel the thrill of the game, and become part of our roaring Lion Cubs family? Look no further! Lion Cubs is on the hunt for enthusiastic children who want to dive into the exciting world of inline hockey.

🏒 Who Are We Looking For?

  • Beginners: Whether you’re lacing up your skates for the first time or have a few laps under your belt, we welcome you with open arms.
  • Experienced Netminders: If you’ve got lightning-fast reflexes and a passion for guarding the goal, we want you!
  • Ages 6 to 14: Boys and girls, gather ’round! Lion Cubs is your home on the rink.

🔥 What’s in It for You?

  • No Equipment Worries: Don’t fret about gear—we’ve got you covered. We’ll provide everything you need to get started.
  • Learn from the Pros: Our seasoned coaches will teach you the art of being a proud Lion Cub keeper. You’ll learn to stand tall between the pips and make those epic saves!
  • BRHA Junior League: Picture yourself in the heat of the game, representing Lion Cubs in the 2024/2025 BRHA Junior league. It’s your chance to shine!

🗓️ Training Sessions:

  • Saturdays: Rise and shine! Join us from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm for action-packed drills and camaraderie.
  • Mondays: After school, it’s game time! 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm—be there, ready to rock the rink.

💰 Membership Options:

  • First Two Sessions: On the house! Come experience the Lion Cubs magic.
  • Monthly Club Membership: Just £20 per month—a steal for all the fun and skills you’ll gain.
  • Pay as You Play: For those who prefer flexibility, it’s £8 per session.

📩 Get in Touch:

  • DM Us: Slide into our DMs with any questions or to express your interest.
  • Email: Shoot us an email at—we’re all ears!

Join the pride, unleash your inner goalie, and let’s create unforgettable memories on the rink! 🦁🏒🌟

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Hop into the Rink: Easter Special Extended Training!

This Easter, we’re swapping our Saturday session for an extra-special Monday evening skate! 🐣🛼

Lion Cubs Training kicks off at 6pm sharp (doors swing open at 5:40pm). Newcomers and those needing gear, hop over early to get kitted out and ready for action!

Ages 4 to 14, lace up for fun—no experience necessary. The first two sessions are on us (absolutely free!), and then you can slide into our £20 monthly plan for all Saturday and Monday sessions or go with the flow at £8 per pop.

No need to book—just roll in! But if you’ve got questions, drop us a line at

Let’s roll into spring with a smile and some slick new moves on the rink! 🌼🛼

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Wild Lions’ Intensive Four-Game Match Day Review

The Wild Lions Inline Hockey Team participated in the latest BRHA West League match day this past Sunday. The day’s challenges were amplified by a rigorous schedule, requiring the team to compete in four games, two of which were against the top three teams in the league. Unfortunately, the team was already at a disadvantage with the absence of Caz, and the situation was further exacerbated by the loss of their leading goal scorer, Grace, due to an injury sustained in her Ice Games.

Confronted with a demanding lineup and a limited roster of six players, the league graciously permitted the enlistment of Andrew from the Lions Black squad. Andrew, noted for his significant progress in recent weeks and as one of the younger talents, was a welcome addition.

The first match against T-Wrex, although resulting in a 4-1 defeat, was approached with a positive spirit. The team’s commendable performance was reflective of their dedication to playing hockey with integrity and sportsmanship.

In the second game against Lycans, the Wild Lions faced a seasoned opponent. Despite a challenging first period that concluded with a 6-1 deficit, the team rallied in the second period, ultimately conceding only one additional goal for a final score of 7-1.

The third encounter pitted the team against Macclesfield White, a team that has demonstrated considerable growth over recent seasons. The match commenced competitively, with both teams exchanging numerous shots and blocks. However, the cumulative fatigue from prior games became evident, and Macclesfield White capitalized on this, securing an 8-1 victory.

The final game of the day, a rematch against Macclesfield White, saw the Wild Lions exert their remaining energy. Despite their valiant efforts, Macclesfield White prevailed with a decisive 12-0 win.

Despite the day’s outcomes, the Wild Lions have numerous positive takeaways. Notably, this was the first occasion the team scored in three consecutive games, an impressive feat considering the absence of their key player, Grace.

The team’s tactical development was also evident, with improved passing and the implementation of effective playing styles, particularly during breakaways.

The Wild Lions have shown remarkable improvement since the season’s commencement. The team’s participation is aimed at bolstering game day experience and competitiveness in preparation for the upcoming On The Rocks Tournament. The progress observed in each player’s performance is a testament to the efficacy of this approach.

Special gratitude is extended to Andrew for his last-minute involvement and for his positive feedback, expressing enjoyment and appreciation for the team’s unwavering optimism and camaraderie.

Looking ahead, the Wild Lions are set to return to action on May 5th. In the interim, training sessions will resume on Monday evenings from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm at Ardwick Sports Centre, with a focus on further enhancements to confront Lions Black & Raiders.

For those interested in inline hockey or seeking a team, the Wild Lions extend an invitation to join one of the five weekly training sessions. For additional information, please contact

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Under 12 players experience games for the 1st time

Big congratulations to Joe, Holden and Patrick for playing their 1st inline Hockey league games today.

This season we have managed to give game experience to players aged from 5 to 16 and we are looking to introduce more throughout the year.

Today Joe, Holden and Patrick got to take part in the Under 12s BRHA West Junior League where we teamed up with Northstars.

They may have lost both games against 2 of the more experienced teams in the league but it’s great to see new teams getting involved and working together to help children experience game days.

Lions are looking are entering a under 8s and 12s team for next season’s BRHA West Junior league and if you are looking for a new sport for your children to try why not come and join one of our two sessions.

Saturday 10:30am and Monday 6:30pm at Ardwick Sports Centre.

1st two sessions are free and no experience or equipment is required.

For more information email or send us a message via one of our social media accounts.

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Why should children take up Inline Hockey

Inline hockey is more than just a sport; it’s a fun way to keep your kids active, healthy, and engaged. Here are some reasons why you should consider signing them up:

  1. Physical Fitness: Inline hockey is a great cardiovascular workout that improves overall fitness.
  2. Balance and Coordination: Skating develops core strength and balance, skills that are beneficial in all areas of life.
  3. Teamwork: Being part of a team teaches children valuable social skills like cooperation and communication.
  4. Discipline: Learning the rules of the game and adhering to them can instill a sense of discipline.
  5. Confidence: Mastering new skills and achieving goals boosts self-esteem and confidence.
  6. Fun: Most importantly, inline hockey is fun! It’s an exciting game that combines speed, skill, and strategy.

Get your kids on the rink and watch them grow in more ways than one! 🌟

Lion Cubs train on a Saturday 10:30-12pm and Monday 6:30-7:30pm and the 1st two sessions are free and just £20 a month for all sessions or £8 per session.

No experience or equipment is required for more information email

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Reminder we have no Lion Cubs Training Tomorrow

Reminer that we don’t have a Lion Cubs training session tomorrow but all 3 of our Monday night sessions are on as usual.

6:30-730pm Lion Cubs

7:30-9:00pm Wild Lions

9:00-10:30 Lions Seniors

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Come and join one of our Teams

2023 was an amazing year for Lions Inline Hockey Club as we have seen massive growth across all our age groups and teams.

We now have the biggest number of Junior players the club has had with players aged from 4 years old to 16 and we are taking part in the 1st BRHA Junior West League.

We have 4 senior teams taking part in 3 different leagues “BRHA West & BRHA North West Leagues”.

We are now looking to get more children and adults into playing as a keeper.

Going into the 2024/25 season next winter we would like to have keepers to play in the following age groups.

Under 8s

Under 10s

Under 12s

Under 14s

Under 16s

We are also looking at growing all of our Junior teams to play in the BRHA West Junior League and are looking for children who would like to be players and join us in all the same age groups as above.

We are also looking for keepers aged 15 + to join our Wild Lions and Lions Black Senrior teams to play in the BRHA West C League.

We host 5 training sessions a week.

2 Junior training sessions on a Saturday 10:30am – 12PM and Monday 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Wild Lions training on Monday 7:30 – 9:00pm

Lions Senior training on Monday 9:00pm – 10:30pm

All at Ardwick Sports Centre M12 4DY.

All of the training sessions above do not require any equipment or experience and children get their 1st two sessions for free and then just £20 a month or £8 per session and Adults is £25 a month or £10 per session.

No booking is required for any of the above training sessions.

We also host a Senior Training session for experienced players on a Thursday 9:00pm – 10:30pm at Atherton Roller Rink. This session requires you to own all of your equipment and have experience playing B League-level senior hockey.

If you would like any more information please email

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Looking for something to take part in on a Monday Night?

Lions host 3 training sessions on a Monday night that is designed for beginner and experienced players.

6:30pm until 7:30pm is our Lion Cubs Junior training session which is designed for children from the age of 4 to 14 to come and learn the basic inline hockey skills and most of all have fun.

7:30pm until 9:00pm is our Wild Lions Female training session designed for any female player aged 12 and up. This is also a session for our Wild Lions team so we have a great mix of beginner and experienced players.

9:00pm until 10:30pm is our Lions Senior training designed for anyone above the age of 14. This session is mainly our Lions C League players and some Wild Lions players but we have a mix of beginner and experienced players taking part in this session.

All 3 sessions on a Monday night are designed to get as many people playing inline hockey and no experience or equipment is required.

Children get their 1st two sessions for free and it is then just £20 a month or £8 per session. We also host a Junior training session on a Saturday Morning 10:30am until 12pm.

Adults is £25 per month or £10 per session.

Our Monday night training sessions are held at Ardwick Sports Centre M12 4DY.

We also host a 2nd Senior training session on a Thursday night at Atherton Roller Rink but to attend this session please contact us first due to limited spaces and equipment being required for this session.

For more information on any of our sessions or on how to get started please email

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