Lions West Player Stats

This year’s team is like a symphony of determination and resilience, with three players stepping onto the senior league stage to face off against some of the UK’s finest. But wait, there’s more drama! A few seasoned players, who’ve announced their retirement more times than a hit song on repeat, have dusted off their skates and rejoined the fray. It’s a rollercoaster of comebacks and curtain calls!

Despite a rocky start to the season—picture those nail-biting moments, the puck ricocheting off the boards—the team is rallying. They’re not just chasing goals; they’re chasing legends. Each game is a chance to etch their names in ice, to defy the odds, and to prove that passion knows no expiration date. So keep your eyes on the rink, because this team isn’t just playing hockey; they’re composing a thrilling saga—one slapshot, one save, one victory at a time. 🏒🌟

Player Stats

Jack Meadows8124616
Gareth Skews84408
Jamie Thorne83538
Rose Callum85207
Michael Nurtney63306
O Gotts6221.54
A Kelly81001

Goalie Stats

PlayerPlayedGoals AgainstGoals Against AvgPlay Time
James Allatt8648113%