BRHA West Lions Black Fixtures and Standings

Get ready to cheer for the Lions Black, the fresh and fierce contenders storming the BRHA West C senior league! Comprised of spirited beginners, they’re not just playing the game—they’re rewriting the rules of growth with every match. Watch as they transform from novices to masters, their skills sharpening before your eyes. Each game is not just a match; it’s a chapter in their thrilling ascent. Join the roar and witness the rise of the Lions Black! 🦁🏒🌟

Team Standings

Killa Wales870168264214
Northants Northstars760155193612
Tyrannosaurus Wrexham860242311112
Rain City Raiders7403362888
Macclesfield White8305403376
Loughborough Lycans7304444046
Lions Black7106957-482
Wild Lions8008565-600


21st January 2024

#1Killa Wales12 – 1Lions Black

#3Wild Lions1 – 2Lions Black

#6Macclesfield White8 – 0Lions Black

4th February 2024

Tyrannosaurus Wrexham7 – 2Lions Black

Rain City Raiders10 – 0Lions Black

18th February 2024

Loughborough Lycans10 – 4Lions Black

Lions Black0 – 9Northants Northstars

Next Fixtures

5th May 2024

Killa Wales09:30Lions Black

Lions Black11:10Wild Lions

Macclesfield White13:40Lions Black

26th May 2024

Tyrannosaurus Wrexham10:20Lions Black

Rain City Raiders12:00Lions Black

23rd June 2024

Loughborough Lycans10:20Lions Black

Northants Northstars12:50Lions Black