Lions North West Player Stats

Jack finished with the most points with 86 scoring an impressive 64 goals and 22 assists.

Gaz clinched 2nd with 51 points scoring 36 goals and 15 assists.

Jamie clinched 3rd with 44 points scoring 15 goals and 29 assists.

Our Netminder James finished with 1 clean sheet of the season and an average of 3.56 goals per game.

Player Stats

Jack Meadows166422486
Gaz Skews163615251
Jamie Thorne161529444
Benjamin Commins162221243
O Gotts161722239
A Kelly10620026
Greg Dawson121015025
Michael Nurtney284012
Benjamin Commins00000

Goalie Stats

PlayerPlayedGoals AgainstGoals Against AvgPlay Time
James Allatt16573.56100%