Wild Lions Squad and Fixtures for this weekend’s BRHA On The Rocks Tournament.

Wild Lions are back in action this weekend playing in the 2023 BRHA On The Rocks.

This year’s team is as follows.

Madaline Lippiatt-Durnell

Claire Sharkles
Dani Moore
Danielle Toole
Fiona Moris
Greta Simpson
Nicola Bailey
Samantha Allatt

We do have 1 player spot left for this weekend’s games so if anyone is looking for a team to play in please send us a message via our Contact Us Page.

The tournament is taking place at Maurice Chandler Sports Centre, Warrant Rd, Stoke Heath, TF9 2JP.

The fixtures are as follows:

Saturday (8th):

9:00 am – Angels vs Sirens
9:25 am – Pucklings vs Devils
9:50 am – Lions vs Wheelers
10:15 am – Lycans vs North Stars
10:40 am – Angels vs Pucklings
11:05 am – Lions vs Sirens
11:30 am – Lycans vs Devils
11:55 am – North Stars vs Wheelers
12:20 pm – Angels vs Lions
12:45 pm – Lycans vs Pucklings
1:10 pm – North Stars vs Sirens
1:35 pm – Wheelers vs Devils
2:00 pm – Angels vs Lycans
2:25 pm – North Stars vs Lions
2:50 pm – Wheelers vs Pucklings
3:15 pm – Devils vs Sirens

Sunday (9th):

9:00 am – Angels vs North Stars
9:25 am – Wheelers vs Lycans
9:50 am – Devils vs Lions
10:15 am – Sirens vs Pucklings
10:40 am – Angels vs Wheelers
11:05 am – Devils vs North Stars
11:30 am – Sirens vs Lycans
11:55 am – Pucklings vs Lions
12:20 pm – Angels vs Devils
12:45 pm – Sirens vs Wheelers
1:10 pm – Pucklings vs North Stars
1:35 pm – Lions vs Lycans
2:10 pm – 7th place vs 8th place
2:35 pm – 5th place vs 6th place
3:00 pm – 3rd place vs 4th place
3:35 pm – 1st place vs 2nd place

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