Wild Lions Player Cam (Dani) 05/06/23

Coach and WIld Lions player Dani put on the player came this week as we carried out the following drills. 00:00 – Intro

00:07 – Horseshoe

07:08 – Skating forwards and backwords with passes

17:50 – Passing across the front of the goal and getting off a shot

30:13 – D rushing forwards to get off a shot

37:19 – D trying to control the middle of the rink and push the F out to the sides. F trying to take control the middle of the rink and get a shot off past the D

51:54 – Outro

If you would like to join our next WIld Lions training session check out our Events page on www.lionsihc.co.uk or for more information email info@lionsihc.co.uk

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