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We have 5 sessions this week with a new Monday night Senior Training session.

Saturday we host our Lion Cubs junior inline hockey training. Designed for children aged 4 to 16. No experience or equipment required as we teach all the basic skills required to play inline hockey and we can also provide the basic equipment needed including skates.

Sunday Everyone Inline Hockey Class is designed for children and adults to learn the basics of playing inline and just like our junior training session no experience or equipment is required.

Monday night sees 2 training session being held.

Wild Lions Women’s inline hockey training. This session is a woman’s only training session but is designed for beginner and experienced players. We teach the basic skills required to play inline hockey as well as advanced skills required to play in games. We also provide skates and basic equipment if its required.

We are also holding an Open Senior Training session after our Wild Lions training but players who attend this session must have their own equipment and be over the age of 14.

We will also be holding our normal Senior Training at Atherton Roller Rink on a Thursday night and the event will be posted on Sunday.

To book onto any of the events above see our Events page or click on the link below.

Saturday 10:30am-12pm Junior training at Ardwick Sports Centre.

Sunday 10:30am-12pm Everyone Inline Hockey Class at Ardwick Sports Centre.

Monday 7:30pm-9pm Wild Lions women’s inline hockey training at Ardwick Sports Centre.

Monday 9pm-10:30pm Senior inline hockey training at Ardwick Sports Centre.

For more information send us a message via our contact us page.

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