What a weekend it was for our Lion Cubs and Senior Lions! 

🦁✨ Our Under 8s showed incredible spirit, playing 4 games at the BRHA West Rink. Each match was a chance to grow, and our Cubs seized it with paws and claws! 🐾

Our Senior Lions roared through 3 challenging games. Despite a tough schedule and being short-handed, they displayed true teamwork and resilience. The highlight was a thrilling 4-4 draw against T-Wrex, where we led valiantly and showed our strength. 🏒

Special shoutout to our youngest keeper, just 6 years old, who played spectacularly, and to Ellis 40 for scoring his first goal to Millie on getting her 1st assist. You’re the pride of our pride! 🌟

We’re already buzzing with excitement to enter our own team in the league next session. The future looks bright with such talent and enthusiasm in our ranks. 🌈

Sunday’s games were a testament to our determination. Even against the odds, our Lions fought hard. We may have faced setbacks, but each game was a lesson learned and a step towards greater success. 💪

We’re setting our sights on the top 2 of the B West league, and with the grit we’ve shown, we’re ready for the challenge. Our young stars Alfie, Oliver, and Callum have shone brightly in the Senior games, proving they have what it takes to compete at the highest level. 🌟

A huge thank you to all the Parents and Players for your unwavering support. It’s your energy that fuels our passion and makes every game day a memorable one. Here’s to more fun, goals, and victories ahead! 🎉

If you would like to Join one of our Lion Cubs, Wild Lions or Senior Lions sessions then drop us a DM or email to info@lionsihc.co.uk.

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