Lions Senior Team clinch 2nd place in the last minute

In a thrilling conclusion to the BRHA West League, our valiant Lions Senior team faced off in the final two matches with high stakes on the line. With the top spot within reach, the team needed a double victory, or at least one point to guarantee a commendable second place. Despite the odds stacked against them, our Lions, a pride of just six players and an injured keeper, displayed unwavering determination and resilience.

The first face-off against the Warriors was a testament to their tenacity. The Warriors, eager to claim their first points of the season after showing remarkable progress, proved to be a formidable opponent. The Lions found themselves trailing early but clawed back to level the score by the end of the first period. The second period mirrored the first, with the Warriors quickly taking a two-goal lead. A strategic timeout allowed the Lions to regroup and refocus their efforts. As the clock ticked down, the Lions narrowed the gap and, in a dramatic last-minute play, Ben secured the crucial equalizer, earning the Lions a spot at Nationals.

The second game pitted our Lions against the newly crowned B League champions, T-Wrex, in a match fueled by pride. Despite a strong start, our power plays faltered, and the day’s challenges mounted. The team rallied once more, never yielding, but ultimately faced a 9-5 defeat. This tough day highlighted the team’s spirit and unity, setting the stage for growth and development in training sessions to come.

Our players stand tall, having secured second place and a berth at Nationals. We eagerly anticipate the next season, where a full-strength team will vie for the coveted A league spot.

Special accolades go to Callum, our ‘Player of the Day,’ whose remarkable progress this season has been a highlight. At just 18, Callum’s contribution to the score sheet and his growth in senior hockey are commendable. We also extend a warm welcome to Coach Ben, who seamlessly integrated into the team’s defense.

A heartfelt thank you to Dan for orchestrating the league, and to the referees and timekeepers whose dedication makes these game days possible. Your efforts are the backbone of our league’s success.

Looking ahead, the Lions are gearing up for the final two games of the BRHA North West League. With two points from four, we can secure another Nationals spot, while three points will clinch the top league position.

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