Lions Black Triumphs in a Close Encounter

In a thrilling match-up, the Lions Black faced off against the Wild Lions, showcasing a nail-biting contest that ended with Lions Black securing a 4-2 victory. Both teams demonstrated significant improvements throughout the game, making it a day to remember.

The Lions Black continued their campaign facing the Warriors and Killa Wales. Despite losses in both matches, the team exhibited remarkable progress, particularly against the Warriors. The young duo, Sam and Andrew, were the highlights of the day. Their relentless pursuit of every loose puck and their impressive defensive blocks were commendable. It was inspiring to see these young talents gaining confidence and integrating seamlessly into the senior team.

The Wild Lions, though winless this weekend, put up a formidable fight, keeping the game against Lions Black tight. They faced a tough match against the Raiders, and despite what appeared to be a daunting defeat, they managed to keep the scoreline competitive until the final five minutes. With only six players, the strain began to show against the Raiders’ larger squad. Nevertheless, the Wild Lions have shown vast improvement, not only in maintaining a solid box formation but also in executing breakaways and completing intricate passing plays that led to goals.

Standout players of the weekend, Claire and Sami, deserve special mention. Claire’s tenacity in chasing down every opportunity paid off with a goal, while Sami proved to be an unyielding force in defense.

A heartfelt shoutout goes to Dan, Chris, and Adens for stepping up during the goalkeeper crisis after James sustained an injury in the first Lions Black game, rendering him unable to continue for the day.

Looking ahead, Lions Black will return to the rink on May 26th, and both Wild Lions and Lions Black will play their final games of the season on June 23rd. As we eagerly anticipate the 2023/2024 season, we extend an invitation to Manchester-based individuals interested in joining our team. We are actively seeking players for both the North West and West Senior Leagues, as well as the West Junior League.

For more information or to join one of our five weekly sessions, please reach out to us at

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