BRHA Under 8s Player Cam (Ellis) Vs Mooseheads

Since the UK was 1st put into lockdown Inline Hockey in the UK lost alot of players and teams due to the sport only being able to reopen close to the end of the pandemic and with this Manchester lost its Junior League and we had to rebuild our Junior team again.

In 2023 we started to see things turn around with our numbers growing and more and more new children taking up the sport again.

This sparked BRAH West to look at getting more children on skates again and starting a Junior League. Lions have become a part of this and for the 2023/24 season, we have teamed up with Dundee Preditors, Newport Knights & T-Wrex to put in teams in the under 8s, 12s, 16s & 21s with the hope that all 3 teams can put a team in each for the 24/25 season.

This week we saw the start of the under-8s league where Lions took 3 players Milly, Saina & Ellis to play in the 1st set of games and we are hoping to take more in the new year.

Ellis wanted to put a camera on for a game and picked the 1st game of the day against an experienced Mooseheads team and this was his view of the game.

00:00 – Into

00:09 – Warmup/Free play

12:28 – Face off (Bench view)

14:28 – Shift 1

18:57 – Bench View 2

22:40 – Shift 2

34:17 – Bench View 3

39:09 – Shift 3

43:38 – Bench view 4

47:54 – End of game handshake

49:55 – Outro

The final score 8 – 4 to Mooseheads but as this was the children’s 1st game together and quite a few 1st time they have played in a game this was a very good result. If you think your children would like to try inline hockey come and join our training session on a Saturday morning 10:30am until 12pm at Ardwick Sports centre.

No experience or equipment is required and the 1st two sessions are free. For more information email

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