A win and a loss for Lions in this weekends BRHA North West League games

As the season’s climax approaches, the Lions Senior Team is eyeing a coveted spot at Nationals and the BRHA North West League title.

The weekend’s face-off commenced with a clash against the Rebels. Despite being outnumbered, the Rebels snatched an early lead. Undeterred, the Lions unleashed a barrage of over 30 shots in the first period alone, overwhelming their opponents with a resounding 12-2 victory.

The spotlight shone on Ollie Gotts, who, in his inaugural senior season, with his first senior hat-trick, catapulting to 33 points on the season. At just 15, Ollie has seamlessly transitioned into senior hockey, showcasing maturity beyond his years.

In their second game, the Lions squared off against the Phoenix, a team surging late in the season to vie for a Nationals berth and challenge the Lions for league supremacy.

The match unfolded as the Lions’ most electrifying game of the season. They burst out of the gates, dominating the first five minutes until an unfortunate injury to Ben’s hand reduced them to five players. The Phoenix capitalized on this, ending the first period with a 5-0 lead.

Halftime provided a moment of reflection and resolve for the Lions. “Let’s net the next goal and take it from there,” they rallied. True to their word, they clawed back two goals, ramping up the pressure on the Phoenix. Even as the Phoenix extended their lead to 6-2, the Lions’ spirit remained unbroken.

They roared back with four more goals, narrowing the gap to a single point.

In the final minute, despite being a player down due to a penalty, the Lions dominated play. However, as they pulled their keeper for an extra skater, they lost possession, and the Phoenix secured an empty-net goal, handing the Lions their first defeat of the season with a 7-5 scoreline.

Despite the loss, the Lions held their heads high, their indomitable spirit and remarkable comeback in the second period earning them admiration. A hearty commendation is also due to the Phoenix for their hard-fought victory and sportsmanship, acknowledging the Lions’ tenacity post-match.

Looking ahead, the Lions take on Raiders and Outlaws in the final 2 games of the season on June 2nd and 1 win will secure a Nationals spot and 2 wins win the BRHA North West B League.

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