Wild Lions Women’s Inline Hockey Training

🌟 Welcome to the Wild Lions Women’s Inline Hockey Training! 🏒

🦁 Calling all fierce females aged 14 and above: Whether you’re a seasoned skater or just stepping onto the rink for the first time, this is your home base for adrenaline-packed action!

🎿 No Gear? No Problem! We’ve got you covered. From helmets to wheels, we’ve got all the equipment you need to glide like a pro. And guess what? No experience required! We’ll teach you the ABCs of inline hockey – from skating strides to slap shots.

🌈 Age Is Just a Number: Our squad is a vibrant mix of ages, spanning from our youngest lioness at 14 to our seasoned veteran in her 60s. It’s proof that passion knows no age limits!

🤸‍♀️ Skill Spectrum: We’re all about diversity. Whether you’ve been rocking the rink for 3+ years or just laced up your skates last week, you’re part of our pride. It’s not about winning every game; it’s about growing together and having a blast.

🤝 Friendship Zone: Picture this: laughter, high-fives, and new connections. Our chilled-out training sessions are more than drills – they’re a place to create lifelong friendships and bond as a team.

🏆 Game On: But wait, there’s more! Wild Lions isn’t just about practice; we hit the leagues too. Catch us in action in the BRHA West League and the BRHA On The Rocks Women’s competition.

🗓️ When and Where? Every Monday evening, doors swing open at 7:10pm, and the puck drops from 7:30pm until 9pm at Ardwick Sports Centre. And guess what? Your first session is on the house!

💰 Membership: For just £25 per month or £10 per session, you’re part of the pride. Ready to roar? Check out our Events page or drop us a message on our Contact Us page. Let’s skate, score, and celebrate the wild spirit of women’s inline hockey! 🌟