Lions Black at B Nationals so not class or sessions this weekend

Lions black are taking part in the B Nationals this weekend so we don’t have any coaches available to take any of the weekend classes or our Monday night Wild Lions Session this week.

The sessions will be back again next weekend and Monday night as well as posted on our Events page.

If you would like to follow this weekends nationals games they are streamed on the BRHA Facebook page

The 1st game of the day starts at 8am on both Saturday & Sunday with Lions Black 1st game at 9:30am

Saturday 20th August

9:30 vs Eastbourne Edgr

12:30 vs Newport Knights

14:30 vs Kernow Wizards

16:30 vs Wrexham Chappies

18:30 vs Northern Lights

Sunday 21st August

9:00 vs Farnborough Arrows 96ers

11:30 vs Northern Jesters

14:00 vs Borehamwood Crusaders

Lions Black are taking a small squad as change in the scheduled due to a last minute rink change and have welcomed Thomas to play up with the team to give him his 1st experience at Senior Nationals.

Thanks to eveyone from our group who is driving 5 hours to play this weekend and I’m sure one way or another the players will have a weekend to remember and look back on.

On the rocks 2022 was a massive hit

Wild Lions took part in 2022 On the Rock tournament and had a blast.

This event took place on Saturday and Sunday.

This year we teamed up with Misfits players Fiona, Nicola, and Jess. We would like to thank all 3 for joining Wild Lions this year and they brought a great attitude and fun to the bench all weekend.

We then had 2 players Sammy & Danny who have been playing inline hockey for just over 12 months, both of them showed improvement from when they played in the tournament last October and some moments of coming close to scoring and making some important plays in the game.

We also had a beginner to inline hockey Claire, who started playing 6 weeks ago but she did not look out of place making some good tackles and passes as well as managed to get a breakaway and put the shot on target but was saved by the keeper.

We also had Abbie from White Lions and Hannah from Cayotes completing the final 2 players for the weekend and bringing some experience, energy and leadership to the team.

In goal, we had kate who has also been playing for just over 12 months, and again put on another great performance and finished runner-up in star player of the tournament.

Scores for the weekend were as follows:


12 – 4 to Lycans

2 – 1 to Angles

6 – 0 to Sirens

5 – 0 to London Lions

4 – 0 to Pucklings


2 – 0 to Angles

7 – 0 to Sirens

2 – 0 to London Lions

2 – 1 to Lycans

4 – 0 Pucklins

Even though we did not get a win over the 2 days the scores were much improved from last year and every team made a comment on how much improvement the players had made in the last 12 months. All of our players left with their heads held high in how far they have come in such a short time.

Wild lions then played in the 6th vs 5th spot final against Angels in which we had already seen 2 close games between the 2 teams.

This game was to be another close game and even though Angles made a 2 – 0 lead our players pulled it back to 2 – 2 and took the game into penalties but unfortunately lost out on the shootout 1 -0.

We would also like to thank all the teams for being supportive of all of our players throughout the tournament and making them feel welcome even with the less experience we had.

Big thanks to everyone involved in making the tournament happen as without Holimae, Clint, the 2 refs, the timekeeper, Photographer & the rink itself this tournament would not have gone ahead and the players would have never had the chance to gain the experience they have gained this weekend.

Wild Lions would also like to give a special thank you to Rachel Wells who was also down to play with us this tournament but had to isolate due to covid the day before the tournament started. We hope you are feeling better soon we see you join us for another tournament soon.

Wild Lions would also like to congratulate Sirens on winning the tournament this year. You were defiantly deserved winners over the weekend but we could see the other teams around pushing to get to the final.

If anyone in the Manchester area is looking for a female inline hockey team to join or even try inline hockey for the 1st time then come and join our Wild Lions inline hockey training session on a Monday evening at Ardwick Sports center 7:30pm until 9pm.

For more information contact us via our Contact us page.


No weekend Classes due to Wild Lions taking part in On The Rocks

Lions will not be holding any Skating or Hockey Classes this weekend due to Wild Lions taking part in the On The Rocks Tournament this weekend at the West League rink in Market Drayton.

We will be back the weekend of 6th August and then run every week/Weekend until 20th-21st August due to Black Lions taking part in Nationals and we will then be hosting all of our classes and sessions throughout the rest of the summer until the 2022/2023 season starts.

Lions are still holding a Senior training session this Thursday for anyone looking for an extra training session this week. See our events page for more info.

We are now looking for new players to come and join all of our teams for the 2022/23 season from the age of 4 to senior.

Ages are as follows:


Under 6s

Under 8s

Under 10s

Under 12s

Under 14s

Under 16s

Under 18s

White Lions ages 14 to 24

Black Lions  ages 25 +

Wild Lions ages 12 +

For more information on our teams or sessions please contact us via the chat button below or via our Contact us page.


This week’s classes and sessions

Just a reminder that we are not holding a Wild Lions training session this Monday night or both kids & Everyone Learn skate classes this Saturday due to moving home and the rink being booked.

Our Everyone Inline Hockey Class will be on as usual this week and we will post the events before Wednesday.

If anyone has any questions please contact us via our Contact us page.

No Skating classes this Saturday

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel tomorrow’s inline skating classes tomorrow but we are looking to be back next week and will announce this early next week.

Our Everyone inline hockey class is still on Sunday 10:30pm until 12pm.

If you have any questions please contact us via our contact us page.

Black Lions & Under 16s Lions secure BRHA Nationals

Saturday saw the Lions Under 16s team secure a Nationals sport by winning both of their games in the Junior North West League.

On Sunday Lions Black secured 1st place in the West B senior league and a B senior nationals place this season has seen a very equal footing between all teams taking part and there is still the 2nd Nationals sport to play for in the final game weekend.

This has definitely been one of the most challenging session’s we have had as a club after getting to normal after the lockdowns, but it’s been great to see our Senior players coming together and pushing on from where we were before lockdown.

We would like to also give a special thank you to Nicola Gotts who has been the main driving force with our North West Junior teams this year. Without you this would have been an impossible task to complete and seeing the under 16s make nationals is iceing on the cake.

For anyone asking about next season we will be announcing our plans on what the 2022/23 season will be like once Nationals are done as we still have Wild Lions & White Lions game days to complete.

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No Skating or Inline Hockey Classes this weekend

Due to Ardwick Sports center holding an event on Saturday we will not be holding our Learn to Inline skating sessions this weekend and Lions Black are playing their final West League games this Sunday we will not be able to host the Everyone, inline hockey class, on Sunday due to our coaches playing games.

We will still be hosting Wild Lions Inline Hockey training on Monday night 7:30pm – 9pm and this can be found on our events page.

Both our Skating and Inline hockey classes will be back on again next Saturday and Sunday.

For more information please contact us via our Contact us page.

Full Everyone Inline Hockey Class videos

We had a great turn out this week with a very good mix of age groups.

We started off with a horseshoe then a Puck handling drill and then had a big game at the end.

We split the group up into under 8s and over 10s.

This worked out really well and the kids and adults had a great time.

Camera 1 (unfortunately this camera had an issue part way through the class and went off so is shorter than camera 2)

Camera 2

If you would like to give it a go yourself or let your children give Inline Hockey a try come and join us on a Sunday Morning 10:30am until 12pm at Ardwick sports Centre M12 4DY.

If you have never skated before then not to worry we also offer 2 skating classes on a Saturday morning 10am and 12pm.

For more information see our events page or contact us via our Contact us page.

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Wild Lions Inline Hockey training Full Videos from 13/06/22

This week we had another new player try Inline Hockey for the 1st time and apart from a few falls had a great time and showed improvement throughout the training session.

We also had improvements from everyone else including Nat in goal who is now starting to grasp skating and covering the ground, Claire who has now been to 3 sessions but showing great progression and we think will be ready to be thrown in to the deep end of playing games & Joyce who is in her early 70s but you would not think this with the Improvement she has made over the last 2 weeks she has been coming.

This week we worked on basic skills and skating but added some more complex movements in for the players who are a little more experienced in the sport.

Camera 1

Camera 2

Fancy giving it a go yourself then come and join us on a Monday Night 7:30pm until 9pm at Ardwick sports Centre M12 4DY.


For more information email or see our website


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Looking for a new team or extra training?

Lions White (Age 14 to 24) & Lions Black (Age 25 +) are looking for new players to come and join us at our Training session and also in the BRHA West League.

Our Thursday night session is designed for players who have experience of playing in Senior level leagues and are above a beginner level.

You will also require your own equipment.

Our training sessions are on a Thursday night at Atherton Roller Rink 9pm until 10:30pm.

If you are looking at getting into the sport but don’t have experience we also run an Everyone Inline hockey Class on a Sunday morning.

If you are interested in joining one of our sessions or classes please send us a message via the chat button below or from our contact us page.