Who would of thought when we started a female training session in May 2021 just after the last lockdown was lifted, that we would have a team that has taken part in 2 competition’s.

Saturday 14th May 2022 saw Wild Lions finish thier 1st full league season and also had all the teams pull together to help complete the day.

Unfortunately the league lost a team in Thursday night but Ducks, Sirens & Wild Lions pulled together to keep the final day going and agreed to play 4 games each.

Both Ducks and Sirens fought it out for top spot with Sirens pulling off 2 wins today againt the Ducks.

Wild Lions knew going into todays games it was going to be hard but playing 4 games on the day againt 2 experienced teams made it that little bit more challenging.

That did not stop the girls from coming together and never giving up.

The team has been lead all season by Abigail who again today lead by example kept a positive attitude and scored some goals.

We also had 2 new players join us today in Liz and Rachel who gave it all on the rink and improved as the games went on but also brought a positive attitude to the team.

Kate one of our keepers also had a strong day only letting 7 of 30 shots past her in our 1st game againt the Ducks and showed a never give up attitude in each game.

We also had another win in today’s team in our other keeper Natalie completing 2 periods of the 8 the team played today.

Both Kate & Natalie started playing hockey the same time Wild Lions were formed and both have over come their own challenges and seen a massive improvement in their own games.

We would also like to give a massive well done to Danni, Sammy, Astrid & Gretta who made up the final players on the day all of them have seen massive improvement in how they play and all of them have only been playing Inline hockey for 12 months or under.


Wild Lions would also like to thank both Ducks & Sirens for welcoming them today and helping the team gain game experience as this is only the 4th time the team have played games together.

We would also like to thank BRHA & North West Roller Sports for hosting the day and a final special mention to Malcolm Tilley who unfortunately passed away a few weeks ago but he is the reason today’s league day happened. Without the hard work Malcolm originally put in none of this would have been possible.

Wild Lions are now looking forward to playing in next seasons league how ever the format will be formed but we are now looking forward to playing in the BRHA On the Rocks tournament in July.

If you would like to come and try Inline Hockey or join one of our teams email info@lionsihc.co.uk for more information.

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  • Venetia Myhill

    Well done Lions! Fantastic to see more and more women coming into the sport. Absolutely amazing end to your season. From the The London Knightz Ladies