Toddler Skate & Play Rules

Toddler Skate & Play BRHA Back to play rules.

Before attending any session you must have any of the Covid-19 Symptoms as posted on the NHS website.

All participants must book a place using the Orfi Active app and payment must be made using the in-app payment or via PayPal before attending the session.

Rink doors will open at 9am.

All adults must have a face mask on at all times in the rink apart from when eating or drinking. (We will have a face mask available to use if you require one)

All adults and children must have their temperature taken by a member of staff.

All adults must use hand sanitizer when entering the rink.

Only 1 adult per toddler is allowed to attend the session.

Disabled Toilet will be open for anyone to use if your toddler needs a nappy change or the toilet. If you do use the toilet please let a member of staff know so it can be wiped down.

Toddlers are free to roam the rink as they please but must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes will be left at entry points of the rink for anyone who would like to wipe down items they use when on the rink.

When leaving the session you must leave the rink by the green fire doors on the left-hand side of the rink.

Lions Club Rules for Toddler Skate and Play.

We don’t have any rules just for all children and adults to have as much fun as possible.

If your toddler is aged 3 and above can skate on their own and will wear full hockey equipment they can also join in the Little Lions training session that is on after Toddler Skate & Play. This can be booked in the Orfi Active app.

If anyone has any questions please contact us via our Facebook or contact us page.

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