Update and changes to our sessions.

Since England went into the 1st Lockdown in 2020 Lions have been trying to keep inline training sessions going and also keep the interest in the sport.

Unfortunately at this time, we have had sessions canceled and moved from different rinks due to issues that were out of our hands.

We have also had the challenges with lots of sports leagues starting up again before our own leagues were allowed to start. This has also meant  Lions have had to work around other events timetables.

After monitoring the situation over the last few months and reviewing the numbers and interest we have been getting to each of our sessions we have decided we need to look at a restructure of our sessions.

With this, we have decided that both Toddler Skate & Play and Little Lions sessions will be put on hold. They will be replaced with 2 new learn to Inline Skate sessions between 10am and 12pm. at Ardwick Sports center.

The 1st session will be designed for children from the age of 1 to 14 and the 2nd session will be designed for teens and adults from the age 15 +

The cost of this session will be £5 per person and also include skate hire.

We are hoping that the 2 sessions gain interest in people being confident in their skating abilities and will then look to give inline hockey a try.

We are also hoping that the children who were a part of our Toddler Skate & Play session will come along to this session to Kids learn to skate session as we will still have rewards for achieving goals and challenges but they will be on skates.

We are looking to launch both the Children & Adults learn to skate this weekend and the sessions will be put in the ORFI Active app tomorrow.

Our Little Lions session will be merged into the Junior Lions sessions to help boost numbers also have the children working together with their age groups as they have become split due to the different abilities with some of the children.

This session will also now be running from 9:45am until 11:45am to help parents who have been struggling with the early start times.

Lions have decided to make the changes to help grow the interest in inline skating and hockey in Ardwick and the local areas.

Lions are also working on a project with BRHA which is looking to go live in the 2nd half of January 2022. This will be hockey-focused and is looking to help the sport and club see more children involved in the sport. More on this project will be announced soon.

The last change we are going to make is the cost of training.

We have been trying to keep the cost down as much as we can but with the rise in fees and also drop in numbers we are going to have to put up the session fees as follows:

Junior Lions from £5 to £8

Wild Lions from £5 to £8

Senior Lions from £8 to £10

The price rise will not happen until 1st January 2022.

With the price rise, it means we will still offer all team games are charged at £5 per game and if we are short to cover the game fees the club will make up the difference.

This price rise also means we will be looking at investing in new equipment in all of our sessions as we have just invested in some new children’s inline skates for the Lean-to skate sessions.

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