This week’s sessions, future sessions & the Sports Future.

This week sees Lions hosting 5 sessions.

Monday Night 8pm until 10pm Ardwick Sports Centre.

Wild Lions Female Inline Hockey Training.

Thursday night 9pm until 10:30pm Atherton Roller Rink

Senior Lions Inline Hockey Training.

Saturday 9:30am until 10:30am Ardwick Sports Centre.

Toddler Skate & Play.

Saturday 10:45am until 11:45am Ardwick Sports Centre.

Little Lions Inline Hockey Training.

Sunday 9am until 10:30am Atherton Roller Rink.

Mixed Little Lions & Junior Lions Inline Hockey Training.

To join one of our sessions this week please click on the name of the session to book using the Orfi Active app.

Wild Lions are also excited to be taking part in the On The Rocks Tournament in 3 weeks and to help the players improve their self’s, we are holding mixed senior sessions for Wild Lions players to join on a Thursday night with our White & Black Lions team.

Lions Inline Hockey Club is looking at revamping all of our sessions to help improve the sessions and offer different levels of coaching at each session.

We have also spoken with Manchester Roller Sports and Atherton Roller Rink to help us make sure we do not need to cancel any of our sessions due to rinks being booked for game days.

We are pleased to announce that if we are unable to use Ardwick Sports Centre at our normal times we will hold another event later on in the same day at Ardwick Sports Centre or at 9am until 10:30am at Atherton Roller Rink.

Lions will also make sure that the changed time slots/change of venue are announced in advance.

We know Inline Hockey in Manchester is looking bad at the moment but we are working hard to make sure the sport survives through the 2021/2022 season and are also putting the foundations in place to help the club and spot grow over the next few years.

Lions are now looking to push Inline Hockey more in the local area of Manchester and have also been working with BRHA and Manchester Roller Sports on a project to help grow the sport in the local area.

We are at a stage where Lions, BRHA & Manchester Roller Sports are close to announcements regarding this project. Keep an eye on updates on this project over the next few weeks.

If anyone would like to come and join one of our sessions see the links above or for more information email

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