Statment by West League for 2017/2018 Season

West Inline Hockey League AGM – 29th April 2017 Representatives present – Stokemon / Predators / Green Dragons / Wrexham Juniors Shrewsbury Knights / Dark Knights Hitmen Maccelfield Warriors
New roles, active immediately – League commitee – Dan Barlow, James Harper, Chris Stevens

Fixtures secretary – Dan Barlow Treasurer – Dan Barlow Referee secretary – TBC – Dave Appleby?  Gary Smallwood ‘chief timekeeper’

Design / Imagery – TBC – Cal Roberts? Posters/printing – Dan Pearson / Sander Melard

Social Media / Marketing – Dan Gilbert, Chris Barlow, Michael Amos Stats – Rich O’Neil
Rink update – The centre are in communication with the company who fitted the floor.  No progress to report as yet (Other than they are useless)  The centre are aware the male shower are of poor quality, and have made moves to sort them. League format – Effective from start of play season 2017/2018, there will be two leagues running from Market Dayton – A, and B.  Essentially, four teams from the current ‘B’ league promoted.  Nine teams in the ‘A’ league, and eight in the ‘B’.  See proposed league structure below.  Players can play either ‘A’ or ‘B’ league – No transfers, nor ‘playing up’. Promotion/demotion – At the end of season 2017/2018, the two teams finishing bottom of the ‘A’ league, and the two teams finishing top of the ‘B’ league, will complete in a play-off tournament to determine league placement for the following season.

Game format – Effective from start of play season 2017/2018, games will be two 20 minute periods, stop clock.  Minor penalties will be two full minutes.  Teams are to supply a single puck for each of their games – Returned at end of each game. Stats – Dan B to send photo of game sheets to Rich O after close of play on league days, physical games sheets to be left at the rink office for Rich O to collect on a Wednesday.  Rich O is to retain procession until season close.
Refs – Referees will be scheduled alongside game fixtures.  We have no entirely impartial referee available, so we will continue to referee each others games.  Preference for ‘A’ league players to ref ‘B’ league games, and visa-verca.  Logistics will of course dictate.  Referee Secretary TBC – This person will be responsible for organising (and maintaining) a set group of potential referees (two/three senior players from each team), organise a ‘training day’ to take place at the rink, and liaise with Dan B as fixtures are released to schedule referee in.

There will no longer be a ‘buy out’ fee. Every effort will be made to avoid refing on your game days.  Chris S to source PDF of game rules – Print copy for the rink, and circulate digital copy for all teams.  Discussed harsher penalties for referee abuse.

Fees – Starting season 2017/2018, games fees will be £40 per game, per team.  The centre are charging from the minute they open the doors, to the moment they close – Including shower/changing time (We’ve run over by an average of an hour a day this season)  Chris S/Dan B to approaching centre about this.
Registration fees will be £20 per team, and £20 per player.
Current league day expenses –
£50 per hour of rink time (doors open – close) £10 per game for referee £10 per game for timekeeper
Actions –
Design – Dan B to approach Cal Roberts.  Template for posters/update West logo to 2017. Social Media – Dan B to change current West Inline Hockey ‘page’ into an actual FB Page, and  make Dan G, Chris B, and Michael A ‘admins’ Referee – James H to approach Dave Appleby

Proposed league structure – ‘A’ Crewe Hitmen Holyhead Green Dragons Newport Knights Rhyl Renegades Salford Lions Sandwell Spartans Shrewsbury Wildcats Stokemon Go Wrexham Predators
‘B’ Besthesda Cobras Connahs Quay Coyotes Crewe Hitmen B Loughbourough Lycans Macclesfield Warriors Newport White Knights Salford Lions B Wrexham Juniors

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