New Coaches, New sessions new vision

Lions & Flaming skulls are pleased to announce we now have 4 coaches.

As the club has grown James has been working to get the coaches with the same vision he has for the club and we are pleased to announce that we now have the following coaches with us.

Jodie Woodhams – Jodie has been a part of the Lions setup for close to 2 years now and James has seen a great passion from Jodie in helping the other Junior players & Jodie ask if she could become a part of the Junior coaching staff. Jodie has been doing a great job over the last 12 months that we have now made her a Junior Coach.

Jodie will be taking Saturday morning training sessions where she will be looking to help progress our younger players and Jodie will also be a coach at our Monday night beginners session, where again she has been helping James over the last few months. We believe Jodie has great leadership skill and as she makes the transition over from juniors to Seniors it will keep her a part of the junior setup which she has always wanted to stay a part of.

Martin King – Martin is also becoming a part of the coaching staff for the Junior Lions . Martin has helped out at Junior training and on Junior game days over the start of this season as we are pleased to make Martin a part of our team.

Martin brings years of experience with him as he was a part of Oldham Avalanche who went on to win most leagues and nationals at Junior & Senior level. Martin was also selected for NWASH regional team and has played for GB in BIPHA.

Tom Barrow – Tom is also becoming a part of the Lions coaching staff for Toddler Skate & Play, Lions Juniors & Lions Seniors.

Tom has been working with our Senior Lions and we have seen great strides in all 3 of our teams since he has been at our training session. Tom has a vast history in inline hockey playing for Crumpsall Coyotes, Heywood Hawks, Walkdon Cobras & Manchester Outbreak. Tom also played for GB in the USA and Canada.

James Allatt – James has been a part of Lions since he took over the club back in 2013 and transformed it from a University Senior inline hockey club to being a club for all age groups and abilities.  James has been doing most of the coaching himself over the years across all age groups but now he has a team around him he can look to push the club on at all levels.

Over the last 12 months we have been working hard to offer hockey to all age groups.

We started Toddler Skate & Play and Beginners sessions on a Monday night but as the club and sessions have grown we are now making some changes to offer even more hockey.

We are adding a 2nd Junior training session on a Sunday morning 10am until 12pm.

This session will be a Junior Team training session where we look to work on team play and improving the skill level of our Junior players. This session will be open to other players coming down to join us but players must own their own kit for this session.

It is also designed to help the junior players prepare to become a part of our senior setup as we have Lions Whites.

Lions Whites are a team of players aged 14 to 24 and as we look to move Junior players over to this team when we think they are ready for that next step in inline hockey.

Saturday morning Junior session will new become a beginners Junior training session that will be for any age player up to 16 to come down and work on the basics of hockey. We will also be allowing Toddler Skate and play kids to join in the session as long as they will put on a helmet and skates.

This session will be designed around anyone can play and will work on the basics of hockey for the beginner players, for the younger player it will be about working on becoming a part of a structured training session.

We are also going to look at a new start time for our Monday night Beginner session and it will be starting at 8pm until 9:30pm.

At Lions & Flaming Skulls we have set a goal that we want Inline hockey to be accessible to anyone no matter what age you are.

We have kids as young as 1 and our oldest player is in her 60’s. We believe there should be no barrier and by adding the extra session we now feel this completes the full time line we have been working towards. We are trying to grow inline hockey in the North West from kids to adults and we are now the only club in Manchester to achieve this which we are proud of.

At Lions & Flaming Skulls throughout all our age groups we help and respect each other and it shows in junior players like Jodie who wants to stay a part of the junior setup even though she will soon not be able to play for this age group & Tom who is apart of the Senior setup and wants to help improve the junior players we have. We also have players in our Senior setup who are helping the younger players in Lions White settle in and feel at home in the senior team.

Lions still have places left on all our teams

Junior Under 8’s, 10’s, 14’s & 16’s

Senior Whites 14 to 24 & Blacks 25+ North West Lions 16+

Flaming Skulls 14+

If you would like to come and join us or would like more information then send us a message via our contact us page.

Lastly James our Chairman/Coach would like to thank Jodie, Tom and Martin for taking the time to help him run the training sessions & game day and taking time from family ect to help Lions grow. James would like to thank everyone who is part of the Lions Family from all the Players, Parents and Partners as without all of you the club would not be as big as it is today.



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