Lions players & parents pull together to make weekend gameday happen.

Lions had a challenging week for our under 14’s team due to the weather and conflicting Ice hockey games left the team was short benched.

Later on in the week we also lost out netminder Chris who had a fall at school was advised not to play any sports for the next few weeks.

In the Rotherham league they have a rule where you are not aloud to borrow any other keeper who is registered in the same age group and the deadline for signing players was on Friday.

Things were looking bleak for Lions making the two games this weekend but thanks to the players determination to pay and amazing parents everyone pulled together to make this game day happen.

On Friday night we asked the kids what they would like to do and Alfie who was supposed to be the Manchester Storm Mascot on Saturday stepped up and said he would play in goal which meant we could enter a team in this weekends league games.

We had Kate driving to Atherton Roller rink to pickup 2nd jerseys as we had been told by the league on Thursday we had to have a 2nd kit.

We thank Gary who owes the Atherton Roller Rink for letting us use his training jerseys.

We also had Tom and Sonia drive 20 miles each to meet and swap the netminder kit for Alfie to use which was part the clubs kit and part Chris kit.

After the madness on Friday we had 5 outfield players for the 1st game against  Cyclones and 4 outfield players against Adders.

Even though Lions lost both games 20 – 0 and 13 – 0 we have never seen anything like this before where everyone pulled together to make this day happen.

At the end of both games all our players had smiles on their faces and even though the scores where high all the players we had on the day played amazing keeping the defensive shape and counter attacked when they could.

Alfie had 37 shots on him in the 2nd game which gave him a 64.9% on his saves which for only his 2nd game in goal and 5 minute training with our coach in-between the 1st and 2nd game is nothing but amazing.

We would like to thank everyone who made this Saturday possible for the kids as without your hard work and dedication this weekend would not of been possible

Also a big thank our junior players for showing great spirit and showing what they are made of when backs are to the wall and the fight they had shown in both games to help each other through it and never losing spirt no matter how tired they were or what the score was.

Lions under 14’s are now ready to regroup and get them self’s ready for our next set of games in the North West League on the 9th of March vs Devils and Newport.

Lions still have places left for the under 14’s league in the North West as this only started in January so if you would like to get involved or would like more information send us an email via our contact us page or send us a message on our Facebook page.

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