Busy summer for Lions

As part of the restructure of Lions going into the 2018/2019 season one of the changes we were making is trying to bring the Junior and Senior teams closer together and over the last few months we have had Senior players helping at our junior training sessions.

We have also had some of our junior players training with the senior players on a Thursday night.

We feel since this change the club has started to grow but also has brought the club closer together and helping with progress both our junior and senior setup.

Since the summer we have been trying to push the junior setup more than ever as this is where we feel the sport should grow and we decided to enter the Rotherham League to help push our Junior players experience by playing against more experienced players.

The team now has 9 registered players for the Rotherham league and we will have 11 players for the North West league all playing in the under 14’s age group.

We have also teamed up with T-Wrex for the North West league where we will be putting players in the under 8’s, 10’s and 12’s.

The next step is to try and get more players between the ages of 8 and 14 to our training sessions and then look to put more age groups in both the North West and Rotherham Leagues next season.

Our senior team is just about to start its season in the West league and we have over 18 players now fighting for places to play in this league all different abelites as we are keeping our sessions open to any skill level player as we feel any one should be able to play the sport.

One of the other things we have put in place is having both Juniors and Seniors players having the same Jersey and there was a vote on this by our players and the Black and Green Jersey was the choice of our players.

We have now completed this as we have taken delivery of the Jerseys just in time for both our Junior and Senior games this weekend.

Our junior team is playing Rattlers & Khaos in the Rotherham league and our Senior team are playing Lycans and Knights in the west league.

Below is a picture of a mini window jersey but this is what the new Black and Green jerseys look like.

Now the seasons are under way we are going to look at pushing the Junior side more than ever so keep an eye out on our social media outlets for more updates, videos pictures ect.

If you are interested in joining Lions Junior or Senior team send us a message via our contact-us page or see our Facebook group for more information.



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