The full list of the assigned squad Numbers across all Lions teams.


TBC Alden Tank White Lions
40 James Allatt Black Lions
72 Nat Hammond Wild Lions


5 Gaz Skews Black Lions
6 Michel Nurtney Black Lions
7 Gabriel Tor Black Lions
8 Tom Hoyle White Lions
8 Dannie Moore Wild Lions
11 Sam Owen Junior Lions
11 Jamie Thorne Black Lions
13 Mike Judge Black Lions
16 Gina Molyneaux Wild Lions
17 Spare
19 Astrid Padilla Wild Lions
20 Thomas Milnes Junior
20 Camron Willliams White Lions
21 Michael Harrison White Lions
21 Rhian Bradley Wild Lions
22 Spare
23 Niku Ghaemi Black Lions
24 KAYDEN Junior
25 Jodie Woodhams Lions White & Wild Lions
30 Charlotte Bullen Wild Lions
38 Cathy Tong Wild Lions
40 Samantha Allatt Wile Lions
40 Ellis Allatt Little Lions
67 Andrew Dingwall Black Lions
78 Alfie Kelly Junior Lions
81 Abigail Rawcliffe White Lions & Wild Lions
88 Aiken Kilpatrick Junior Lions
91 Oliver Gotts Junior Lions
TBC Jacob Severn Little Lions & Junior Lions
TBC Connor Nurtney Little Lions
TBC Kitty Turner Wild Lions
TBC Dylan Strong Little Lions & Junior Lions
TBC Finley Seddon Lions Junior
TBC Jacob Lane Junior Lions
TBC Aadi Whitlock Junior Lions
TBC Joachim Schjelderup Little Lions & Junior Lions
TBC Harrison Fox Little Lions & Junior Lions
TBC Caz Taylor Wild Lions
TBC Isabel Alber Wild Lions
TBC Jack Medows White Lions
TBC Tom Barrow Black Lions
TBC Greg Dawson Senior
TBC Ben Fox White Lions

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