Junior Lions Rules

Junior Lions BRHA back to play rules

BRHA Back to Play Rules

Before attending any session you must have any of the Covid-19 Symptomsas posted on the NHS website.

All players must be BRHA registered.

All players must book a place and pay for the session using the orfi active app the Friday afternoon before the session.

Rink doors will be open from 15 minutes before the session starts and 20 minutes for keepers.

All players must have a face covering on before and after training.

Anyone spectating must have a face mask on at all times when inside the rink.

Changing rooms are now open to use and you will be assigned a changing room to use the Wednesday night before. You must sit in the markings on the walls and keep pads in the area of your feet. (Keepers to site at the end of the changing room near the doors to have more space.

All players must have a name on their water bottle and not share it with anyone else.

No kit can be shared with another player including sticks.

When a session has finished you must go back to the original changing rook you were assigned at the beginning of the session.

Lions Black & White Club Rules.

All Junior players will be offered to chance to play up to 2 age groups above their current age group. To be offered the opportunity the players must attend at least 2 session a month.

Junior Lions was set up to help push our older junior players onto the next level and prepare them to become senior payer and all Junior Players will get a chance to train with our White team when they reach the age of 13. They will also get the chance to play in the White Lions team when they reach 14.

To be offered a place to train and play with White Lions players must attend at least 2 Junior sessions a month and also play in Lions Junior team at their age group.

League\Tournament game payments must be made 3 days before the day of the game using the orfi active app.

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