Get Water Fit

Lions & Flaming Skulls are a partner with Get Water Fit.

Lions & Flaming Skulls try and be as eco friendly as we can when operating training and other parts of the game where possible. We are now working with Save Water Save money to help save water.

Since originally launching in 2016, GetWaterFit has engaged almost 500,000 Users in the UK. To support your team and pick up some free water-saving devices.

From May 2020 until October 2020 we are taking part in WAT-ER GOAL.

This competition we are up against 7 other hockey teams in the UK where we try and save as much money as we can over the 5 months of the competition.

The winning team wins £750 to send on new equipment for our training sessions at Ardwick & Atherton Roller Rink.

If you would like to take part please go to

  1. Go to the SAVE section and complete the 1-Minute Tutorial Challenge (start other water-saving Challenges, too).
  2. Once completed, on the SAVE section dropdown, select Support a Team and allocate your Tutorial Challenge water savings (1 litre) to your team. Thereafter, all the water you save from each completed Challenge will be allocated to your team.
  3. Boost your team’s chance of winning by getting friends and family to join in (they must complete their own GetWaterFit questions to participate).

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